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From our point of view, life is what happens while sharing nice food and company.

We elaborate a spontaneous, without pretentions with organic, local and seasonal products just picket from the garden.

In our kitchen one can find the top of the farmer’s products, the fisherman, the wine growers and the craft beer brewers nearby our home.

We love to bring at the table the temporality of the product, to discover the evolution of time and keep faithful to each moment that our earth offers us.

We respect the nature’s rhythm because we are part of it and it brings us to our kitchen good, clean and fair products. At QuintaForca we are committed with a healthy diet.

Our goal is that more people discover the products of our fields and the updated traditional cuisine.

QuintaForca has a small celler with fresh beer and wines from the Tarragona province. You will enjoy natural, organic and biodynamic wine.

CASAFORT – 43887 NULLES – (Tarragona) – Tel. 676 93 98 59


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